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Custom Neckerchiefs

Established in 1885, we are now celebrating 125 years & 5 Generations in our "family owned" & operated, full service Embroidery and Promotional Products Business. Let a Moritz Embroidery sales person help you design a BSA® approved custom embroidered neckerchief for your Troop or Council today.

A neckerchief (sometimes spelled kneckerchief) is a type of neckwear generally associated with Scouting™ organizations around the world as well as sailors (both civilian and military).

A neckerchief consists of a triangular piece of cloth or a rectangular piece folded into a triangle. The long edge is rolled towards the point, leaving a portion unrolled. The neckerchief is then fastened around the neck with the ends either tied or clasped with a slide.

Take some time and we will help you create your very own Council, Troop, Camp, or special event neckerchief. We can add all kinds of special effects to your Troop or Council Neckerchiefs including.